Static Roof

The Static Roof is a versatile multi-purpose roofing system, which consists of a steel frame with either a p.v.c . roof sheet or a steel profile covering in most colours .

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Width: 6.0m to 12.0m span in 1.0m increments
(other widths are possible, but have to be custom built)
Length: 3.6m bays, with no restriction on the number available
(other length bays are possible but have to be custom built)
Height: 1.0m or 1.5m above either side the Alfabloc base or other base used

Structure Material:

Steel frame Hot dipped galvanised
Roof covering Scandinavian sourced PVC fabric with a life expectancy of 15 years or steel profile sheets
Extras: End cover sheets

Advantages to Static Roof:

• Light weight structure • Quality build and materials
• Quality build and materials • Easily erected
• Easily taken down and re-erected • Large number of applications
• Versatility in the number of sizes available  

Cantilever Roof

The Cantilever Roof is a simple roofing system, which consists of a steel frame supported on steel columns bolted to concrete footing with a PVC roof sheet. The roof has the advantage that its pitch can be easily adjusted for different applications, using the adjustable linkage at the back of the building. The Cantilever Roof is often used for car parking and vehicle storage.

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