Retractaroof ®

The Retracta Roof is a simple retractable roofing system, designed to concertina over the back wall of the building base. This allows an unrestricted loading and tipping height, when operating a large loading shovel or tipping an articulated lorry trailer. There is no chance of grabbing hold of any part of the roof structure and it all sits behind the back wall. The Retracta Roof is made from a steel hot dipped galvanised frame, Scandinavian PVC roofing sheet and components used in the marine industry. The Retracta Roof is very good where the height of buildings is of planning concern. It also offers a solution to getting around the Enclosed Spaces Regulations. The Retracta Roof is an integral part of the Wasteology In-Vessel Composting System.

Manufacturing a steel roof section in our workshop
Welding the fabric roof covering


Width: 8.0m
Length: 15.0
Height: Sits directly on the Alfabloc system or other base structure

Structure Materials:

Steel frame hot dipped galvanised
Roofing sheet Scandinavian plc cover with 5 year warranty Marine components - Dyneema ropes & line drivers (high quality components built to cope with extreme conditions)
Extras: Electrical cover winding kit

Advantages of Retracta Roof:

• Allows operations of a loading shovel with no height restrictions
• Allows tipping of trailers with no height restrictions
• Conforms to the Enclosed Spaces Regulations
• Built using high quality materials and components
• Lower buildings create less planning concerns in many areas

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